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Bechtel discusses the Canadian LNG industry and what it means to Canada for the industry to develop

Scott MacleodAhead of the fifth annual Canada LNG Conference and Exhibition taking place in Vancouver in May, Gastech News spoke to Executive Advisory Board member Scott MacLeod, Business Development Manager – Canada at Bechtel to find out his views on the Canadian LNG industry and how it is developing.

Gastech News: In your opinion, how is the Canadian Government supporting the growth and development of the Canadian LNG industry?

Scott MacLeod: Canada and particularly the Provincial government of British Columbia (BC) have been working hard to bring Canadian LNG to the global market. Through the Premiere’s LNG working group, Bechtel has collaborated with LNG proponents, First Nations and the unions to share our experience and expertise with the province, particularly in support of their efforts to develop the emerging LNG industry sustainably. Canada is leading the way with such first-of-a-kind collaborations in the industry as the government implements the country’s vision to be a global leader in LNG supply.

Gastech News: Bechtel is a leader in the LNG industry having built 39 trains producing roughly 106 million metric tonnes per year over the years. Bringing more LNG projects to Canada introduces various opportunities to the country. What would you identify as a key benefit to the developments?

Scott MacLeod: The LNG industry creates jobs, opportunities for local business growth and long-term economic benefits. However, the effects of LNG development go beyond just Canada. Canadian LNG development will support global reduction of energy poverty in countries that currently do not have access to clean energy and will have a positive impact on the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Gastech News: How could external factors impact the performance of the Canadian LNG industry?

Scott MacLeod: The US, East Africa, the Middle East and Australia are all competing to lead for the next wave of LNG exports to the world economies. The key to the competition will be delivered price of LNG to the consumer market. In order to be successful, the Canadian LNG industry needs to be timely in getting to market, agile and competitive on price.

Gastech News: What are you most looking forward to hearing more about at the 2017 Canada LNG Conference and Exhibition?

Scott MacLeod: We are really interested in continuing the conversation with all the relevant stakeholders as we work together to make Canada’s vision for the LNG export industry a reality.