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Altus Geomatics is part of Altus Group Limited; and combined, provides best in class land surveying, construction surveying, environmental, data/asset management, advanced GIS and development planning services. Altus Geomatics offers a full range of surveying services from extensive mapping services to site surveys.

From pipeline planning through to design, construction and creation of as-built drawings, Altus Geomatics' integrated processes validate, check, and verify information from the field. We deliver quality products, providing you with a trustworthy database for your pipeline integrity management.

Altus Geomatics provides effective and efficient solutions for all stages of your pipeline project. We offer survey products and services in the following three areas: pre-construction, construction and as-built, and data management. Our goal is to leverage our knowledge and technology to facilitate successful planning and completion of your projects.

Altus Geomatics’ Weld Mapping service includes a complete as-built of a pipeline during its construction. This consists of, but is not limited to, weld locations, pipe data, foreign line crossings, and depth of cover. The as-built data goes through rigorous quality assurance procedures and quality control in order to produce a robust data set that can be provided in almost any format.   Our dedicated team members are experts in data capture and management. The final products we deliver for pipeline management and maintenance will prove to be invaluable over the life of the pipeline.

Altus Geomatics is strategically positioned in all four western provinces, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Altus Geomatics employs over 500 personnel, with over 150 field crews working out of 17 Branch Offices across Canada.

Altus Geomatics firmly believes that no activity in our operation is more important than ensuring the safety of our workers, subcontractors, clients, equipment, general public and environment from loss or injury caused by accidents, unsafe acts or conditions.

Altus Geomatics has developed a successful, COR certified safety program that entails the will, beliefs, and values of the organization through policies, procedures, and consistent inspection. Altus Geomatics counts on all employees to make a personal commitment to loss protection and making safety an integral part of our business. Every employee is responsible and held accountable for ensuring the compliance of our safety policies, procedures; with the top priority to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

Altus Geomatics field crews have the relevant industry recognized safety training, safety equipment and professional skills to perform their work efficiently and safely. Our on-going success within our commitment to safety with our operations and with our clients is evident in the long standing working relationships we have achieved.

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