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TES DAY ONE – May 17

Technical Education Showcase Day Two – May 18

10:00 Exhibition Opens

10:15–10:20 TES Chairman Opening Address and Day 2 recap

10:20–10:40 Can large resource developments contribute to sustainability in Indigenous
communities? – Presented by TBL Consultants

10:45-11:15: Morning Coffee

11:15–11:35 LNG operations and LNG Operational Leadership Development, the Training Myth – Presented by The Engine Room

11:35-11:55 Engineering Technology Academy – Presented by Siemens

11:55-12:15 The Curtis Island Project – Presented by Concrete Canvas

12:15-12:35 AUDAX and PUGNAX, the first PC-3 (ARC-7) Module Carriers ever build, special for Client to serve the Yamal LNG Project” – Presented by Red Box Energy Services

12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00–14:20 Presentation by Worley Parsons (TBC)

14:20–14:40 LNG Operations – Dynamics & Controls – Presented by CIMExcel Software Inc

14:40–1500 Cost effective LNG infrastructure for regional distribution and export: Making FID feasible and timely – Presented by AG&P

15:00–15:10 TES Chairman’s closing remarks